Monday, May 21, 2018

Maine Media Workshops Granted Candidacy Status by NEASC

Lauren Abbate, reports in "A little art school on Maine’s coast takes big step toward greater recognition" for the Bangor Daily News that Maine Media Workshops + College of Rockport, Maine was granted candidacy for accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) last month.

The institution was founded in 1973 as Maine Photographic Workshops by David H. Lyman.  It grew to offer film, television and AA degree programs as Rockport College. A MFA program was added in 1995.  Ownership changed in 2007 and Maine Media Workshops were incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3.

Flagler College Releases Results of Economic Impact Study

Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida released results of economic impact study quantifying the ways in which the institution contributes to economic activity of northeastern Florida.  You can visit the Community Impact page on the Flagler website for graphics summarizing the study findings and links to several .pdfs for an executive summary or the survey methodology.
Flagler College was founded in 1968 and occupies a property that was initially built as the Hotel Ponce de Leon.  The college currently enrolls more than 2,500 students.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Meredith Woo Makes the Case for Sweet Briar and Investing in Women's Higher Education

Marguerite Joutz of The New York Times interviewed Sweet Briar College president, Meredith Woo, for an article, "Sweet Briar College Almost Closed.  What Will It Take to Thrive?"  President Woo provides a strong case for continued investment in women's higher education and highlights the strengths of Sweet Briar College.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A New College Begins with Facilities of the Former Saint Catharine College

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an interesting article by Scott Carlson on May 6, 2018, "This Software Millionaire Is Building the Low-Tech College of His Dreams."  Carlson interviewed Kevin Runner who purchased the former Saint Catharine College in Springfield, KY and intends to create a "...research hub for renewable energy, a training ground for cutting-edge organic farming and ancient crafts, a life raft for a rural population...a utopian community based on cooperative living and practical skills."  

Runner is considering a number of different ideas for Runchero University at this point and he has hired several people with higher education experience to help with the startup process.  You can also like and follow the Runchero University page on Facebook to learn more.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Study of the Endowment at Whitman College

Whitman Wire, the Whitman College student-run newspaper posted "A Look Into Whitman's Endowment" on May 3, 2018.  The post offers a transcript of an interesting interview with a Whitman College senior, Meg Rierson, who studied the institution's endowment for her thesis.  While large endowments like those of Harvard or Yale may receive attention in the popular press, details of  endowment strategies or performance at smaller institutions are usually not well understood. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Goshen College and their 18th President, Rebecca Stoltzfus

Rebecca Stoltzfus became the 18th president of Goshen College last year and was featured in a post by Marjorie Valbrun of Inside Higher Ed on April 24, 2018, "Presidential Footsteps: When college presidency becomes the family business, leadership requires balancing. Walking in your father’s shoes while paving your own path has benefits -- and possible pitfalls."  Valbrun provides a good overview of the strengths of the new president and interviewed various people associated with Goshen to portray how she fulfills her duties.  The description of the "soup talks" serves as a particularly powerful way to solicit ideas and suggestions from various constituencies.

Valbrun also provides some context by briefly noting other college and university presidents who followed their fathers.  Rebecca assumed the Goshen presidency just over twenty years after her father, Vic, who served the institution from 1984-1996. 
Goshen College was founded in 1894 and is located in Goshen, Indiana.  Enrollment is roughly 900 students and has been increasing in recent years.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Transformation and Renewal at North Greenville University

The Greenville (SC) Journal published an article, "North Greenville University's transformation continues," focusing on North Greenville University located in Tigerville, SC.  Reporter Cindy Landrum provides a short historical sketch along with a summary of recent institutional changes and plans for the future.

North Greenville University was founded in 1893 by the North Greenville Baptist Association.  It was initially known as North Greenville High School.  The name changed to North Greenville Academy in 1915.  A junior college curriculum was offered after 1934 and the name was changed to North Greenville Junior College in 1950.  It became North Greenville College in 1972.  Graduate programs have been added over the past decade and enrollment is now 2,534 students.