Sunday, September 18, 2016

Public Radio Station Successfully Serves College, Community, and National Audiences

Goddard College's radio station, WGDR / WGDH, is featured in an article, "Mining the Gold in 'both/and' Vein," by Greta Anderson for Pacifica Network.  Anderson notes that the station is one of the oldest Pacifica affiliates.  It was founded in 1960 and continues to serve a number of important roles for both Goddard College and for Plainfield, VT.  
Anderson interviewed a number of staff and volunteers and explores the creative use of a large grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to successfully fund small grants for local programmers to use in developing programs that could be syndicated nationally.  

Friday, September 16, 2016

President Maryanne Stevens and the College of St. Mary are Featured

Michael Kelly's column for the Omaha World-Herald, "In 20 years since Maryanne Stevens took over College of St. Mary, her vision became a reality," highlights both the institution's president and a number of successful initiatives.  I thought the focus on single mothers was particularly interesting with CSM building a residence hall with suites for 48 mothers and their children.  Kelly notes that CSM enrolls 1,046 students.

PBS Series Features Paul Quinn College this Week

President Michael Sorrell and students of Paul Quinn College were interviewed by Hari Sreenivasan as part of the Rethinking College series for the PBS Newshour.  Sreenivasan explores how students prepare for a career while gaining a liberal arts education at the nation's first urban work college.  "The Texas college where students grown into workers," segment initially aired on September 12, 2016. 

You can also follow earlier Small College Garden posts linking to other articles and interviews that focus on Paul Quinn College.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Lake Superior State University is Featured for Positive Impact of Multiple Changes in Processes and Procedures

Recent changes at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan are featured in a very positive article, "LSSU lauches 'transformation,'" written by Brian Kelly for the Sault Star Newspaper.  Kelly summarizes a reorganization of academic programs into two colleges along with changes in the provision of student aid and student services.  LSSU also implemented new processes for budgeting and is projecting a budget surplus for the fiscal year after dealing with structural deficits.

HBCUs Experience Surging Enrollments

HBCU Digest posted an article by Jarrett Carter, Sr. "HBCUs With Enrollment Increases," focusing on preliminary indications that a number of HBCU institutions are experiencing large enrollment increases this fall with some at record levels. Central States University in OH with a 22% increase, Florida Memorial University up by 25%, and Harris-Stowe University in MO with a 50% increase are a few that Carter features. 

North Carolina Central University, Shaw University, South Carolina State University, and Virginia State University were also cited in the article for their larger enrollments.  A 

One of the comments with the article noted that North Carolina A & T welcomed a record freshman class.  I've also seen a few tweets this week noting healthy enrollment gains from others like Philander Smith College in AR that Carter does not mention. Whatever the factors behind the numbers, they are a good sign for HBCUs and appear at first glance to be widespread.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Paul Quinn College and Michael Sorrell are featured in Washington Monthly

Paul Quinn College in Dallas, TX and president Michael Sorrell are featured in the September/October issue of Washington Monthly.  In "Labor of Love," reporter Matt Connolly focuses on Sorrell's New Urban College Model.  Connolly interviewed Sorrell and a number of students to provide details of how the vision of Paul Quinn as an urban work college plays out in practice.

The New Urban College Model developed over time to focus on students as they acquire what is needed to succeed professionally and to do so in a way that is affordable and helps elevate surrounding neighborhoods and the institution itself.  The model received quite a bit of publicity from the College Board, The Hechinger Report, and other outlets in early 2015 when Paul Quinn announced that students would be able to graduate with less than $10,000 in college loan debt.

Paul Quinn College was founded in 1872 and is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Call for more UltraSmall Colleges

"Why We Need Tiny Colleges," provides an interesting rationale for considering small colleges and reflects a call similar to one issued last year by Susan Henking, president of Shimer College, when she urged consideration of an Artisanal College Movement.  

Marcus Ford argues that we are more likely to see a focus on students at smaller institutions.  His article refers to some better known small institutions like Deep Springs College in California and Sterling College in Vermont.  Ford also mentions several lesser known initiatives to create new smaller institutions:  Flagstaff College in AZ, Outer Coast College in Sitka, AK and Thoreau College in Viroqua, WI.  The article for yes! magazine and it was posted August 26, 2016.  
In addition, Ford provides a link to the site of UltraSmall Colleges that provides some more information and has links to a few other small institutions.
You can scan through previous posts on the Small College Garden blog with links to additional articles on Sterling College, Outer Coast College, Shimer College, and other similar institutions.